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  1. The Lodge
    Here is a question. If you were sitting in your riverblind hunting all day and have not seen all that many birds. All of a sudden a guy in a boat blind wants to drive by your blind at 75 yards out in front of the blind and going idle through the shallow water to cut thru to the other side of the...
  2. The Lodge
    With the prediction of the Rapture coming on Saturday night, do you think you're going or staying?
  3. Gun Rack
    General poll, no comment needed.. Do you belong to the NRA?
  4. Taxidermy Forum
    Guys I'm having a tough time deciding in what pose to mount the snow that I shot this past weekend. Its going over a fireplace in the family room that is rustic tan stone. Here are the options: #1 #2 #3
  5. Decoy Forum
  6. Conservation Forum
    Poll Shows Views On Iowa Water & Land Legacy Amendment In November 2 general election, Iowans will vote on a proposed amendment to the Iowa constitution, which would create a trust fund to finance conservation efforts in the state. Poll shows how farmers view the proposal. Rod Swoboda...
  7. Turkey Forum
    Whats the fair way to score a turkey?
  8. The Lodge
    Just curious how many people would like to have a chat room on here. I am not sure if we can get one but will have Todd look into it. Yes Todd I volunteered you for it. :lol:
  9. The Lodge
    How many go hunting with you when you go afield? Come on guys respond to this poll. I would like to get about 150 to 200 responces to get a good average on data.
  10. The Lodge
    A poll published today shows Iowa voters oppose dove hunting nearly 2-to-1, although the bill in the Legislature to allow it again shows little sign of passing. A survey conducted last week by Mason-Dixon Polling and Research found 53 percent of Iowa voters oppose dove hunting, compared to 27...
  11. The Lodge
    Check out todays "snapshot" at The question asks "Are hunters an endangered species?" The next question states "Should hunting be legal" Good thing for us 92% agree hunting should be legal. Bad thing for us - In 1975 there were 17.1 million hunters and in 2006 there were 12.5...
  12. The Lodge
    Just gauging interest, but would anyone be interested in a poker tournament on an online casine site?? I can get a private table for us waterfowlers. We can probably throw in a call for the prize or something to that similar level?? The reply back from the site is: Yes, you can create your own...
  13. Sports Talk
    Trying a poll here
1-13 of 16 Results