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  1. The Lodge
    Who all on here has them??? I have them on my truck and am wondering who has the 001 for a plate. I have 002. What other numbers do we have here on the site?
  2. The Lodge
    Are the DU license plates available yet?
  3. The Lodge
    Hey does anyone on here besides me run the new DU license plates????
  4. The Lodge
    Does anyone know what ever came about from this???? I know I sent my check over a year ago and have yet to hear anything about it.
  5. Conservation Forum
    I recieved a forward of an email that my du commitee chairman got it basicly says that they need 60 more aplicants to make the du plates for Iowa a continuing opertunity for the future. It reads as follows: All, I just received an update today from the Ducks Unlimited License Plates from...
  6. The Lodge
    We still havent' reached the quota. Not quite sure why yet. I would think if you were a waterfowl hunter you would want one of these plates especially when all the money goes to help waterfowl in Iowa. Here is the link order yours today!!!!!!!! Might need to google the link below if it...
  7. Conservation Forum
    Does anyone know how many more DU plates need to be purchased before we get ours???? I sent my money back in Feb. and have yet to hear how many more need to be bought.
1-7 of 7 Results