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  1. The Lodge
    Anyone else on here try to pick up at the public WMA's? I picked up a bags worth of trash tonight just out of one parking area. Apparently its too difficult for some guys to keep their garbage in their vehicle until they get home:mad:
  2. Gun Dog Forum
    Ok scenario goes: You have your breeder picked because of your own reasons and a deposit is down (say 1st pick of litter). You show up to look at the litter and interact with them to make your choice of who to take home. Breed non-specific.... Do you pick male or female; and why? Do you pick...
  3. Bird Movement
    Went out this afternoon, set up around 2pm and had bagged 4 green heads and a suzi by 4:30. The weather up north has brought some fresh meat to my area and with the winds, it was an awesome shoot. Winds are now swinging away from the WSW to more out of the WNW. The ceilings are supposed to...
  4. The Lodge
    Ok guys I am new to this type of deal and am not even close to being good enough to enter one of these things. We just opened our new store and had some local interest in a local calling contest. I have talked to a couple of guys and got some ideas but looking for more. Now this will be a low...
1-4 of 5 Results