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  1. The Lodge
    go to click on flood photos.bad dog
  2. Outdoor Photography
    Im looking for someone to take my senior photos this year. just woundering if u guys have any ideas on good photographers to do so. I think it would be nice if it was a guy that took outdoor photography so he new how to set up hunting photos. Thank you and let me know.
  3. Waterfowl Boats, Motors, & Boat Blinds
    Hey Guys- If you have been paying attention to my blind build, I am almost done. I waiting for my pods to arrive so I can get them welded on, and I need to install heaters. Other than that, she is done. Since the last photos, I obviously grassed it, wired the lights, put in a shelf on the...
  4. Deer Forum
    Post them up here guys. I headed out this morning for the opener. Sat one of my favorite stands (Miller its the same one you killed your first out of) and 7:00 had a doe walk by. Ranged her 45 yards...went to draw. Didn't compensate for the angle...over her back. 2 minutes later she comes...
  5. Taxidermy Forum
    Here are my entries from the Iowa show last weekend. Both scored blue ribbons and the Redhead took best professional waterfowl. This Goldeneye is my daughters youth entry. Bufflehead is my sons youth entry. I feel bad because the bird was full of pinfeathers and I didn't have any more for...
  6. Outdoor Photography
    Pretty birds
  7. The Lodge
    I'm sure there had to have been some cameras around, did Clipper break all the lenses? What gives? Also lets see a photo of a Outdoorgirl lanyard. Thanks
  8. Outdoor Photography
    Well with no work the 2nd day in a row I needed to do something so went out this morning and took some pics. Notice the wood duck in the top left corner. I took the pic just as he was taking off. Kind of neat!!!!!!!!! This goose really reminds me of my dakotas with the side...
  9. Southern Zone
    Day 2 surprisingly went better than expected. Besides the fact that I aggravated my back. We ended up with 12(4 mallards, 4 gwt, 3 wood ducks and 1 pintail). Could have scratched out a couple more if 2 people would've remembered to load their guns back up :roll: Packed it up at 10 today. I...
  10. The Lodge
    Here are a few pictures from today. Adam waiting for dead ducks to float down. Adam & I at the end of the morning...sporting the 417DUX shirt & Heavy Hauler Lanyard. My little sister & her boyfriend in the blind.
1-12 of 12 Results