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  1. Outdoor Photography
    Well with the season's all closed down and no snow on the ground making outside photography of geese/ducks much more difficult, I've been working in my basement with my new flash that I got for my camera. Here are a few shots that I've gotten done. Much more available on my website...
  2. Outdoor Photography
    These guys need to die.
  3. Outdoor Photography
    Think anyone would care if I shot a loon and mounted it? Those birds are wicked cool!
  4. Outdoor Photography
    I seem to always have problems when I zoom up on anything indoors with my camera. I got about a 1 and 3 chance of the photo turning out. P and M modes aren't working. It seems like auto is my best chance, but I get a lot of this. Its not that I'm not steady either, in fact alot of...
  5. Outdoor Photography
    When I can take something as a simple hen mallard, and take it home and just stare at the details. Thats Money to me! Had only the wife let me go all out on a camera I'd really be a photo dork!
  6. The Lodge
    No snow geese in the area so I've been taking advantage of the Canada geese in the area. This past weekend, they were close to were I live so I loaded up the Gator with decoys, blind and camera and headed out in the field. A local WPA sign at the near by marsh were I hoped for some pic's but...
1-6 of 6 Results