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  1. The Lodge
    :confused:This Saturday my daughter is getting married (1st time). Since they both are avid waterfowlers I thought I would give them my 2006 mv jon boat with a 2006 mercury and a avery blind. Well, my wife (who doesn't hunt) called me a cheap-ass because and said that wasn't a gift we where...
  2. Sports Talk
    Athletics’ Braden Pitches Perfect Game Dallas Braden’s handful of major league wins grew by one on Sunday. And it was one that will live in the annals of baseball. Braden, the Oakland Athletics left-hander, fired a perfect game against the visiting Tampa Bay Rays in a 4-0 victory. It was...
  3. The Lodge
    IDK about guys in other areas but we are getting some much needed rains again. My lawn was starting to dry up and some of are local waters had probably dropped a foot in the last 2-3 weeks. How are things eveywhere else?
  4. Sports Talk
    Congrats to my boy Buehrle and the south-siders
  5. The Lodge
    If you had all the money you needed to buy your "ultimate field" goose and duck spread, what would you have in it?
  6. The Lodge
1-6 of 6 Results