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  1. The Lodge
    Are heading to the marsh and going out at mid night or are already sitting at the marsh???? I plan on walking into the pond about 45 min before shooting time and getting stuff set up and wait.
  2. The Lodge
    Seems like a pretty regular occurrence. ?? dumb. For immediate release: September 30, 2011 CHARGES FILED AFTER TRUMPETER SWAN SHOT IN WORTH COUNTY MANLY - Joshua Ray Sheckleton, 29, of rural Manly, was charged with unlawful take of a protected non-game species after shooting a trumpeter swan...
  3. The Lodge
    anyone on here in law enforcement, just seeing if anyone is a member!!
  4. The Lodge
    I am looking at getting my first handgun. I like the Sig Sauer Mosquito or Browning Buckmark. I am curious if I could apply go get a hand gun at any store right now so when I find one the background check is done and I'm clear to buy it?
  5. Deer Forum
    so i was going to work in ames yesterday and i got on the on ramp at 86th street on to 35/80 and i saw a deer and a dead **** that was a monster, probably 20 pounds with a bug bushy tail. i thought man that **** would make a nice hat. i wanted to stop but i new i had to get to work.
  6. The Lodge
    Obama Orders Chevrolet and Dodge Out Of NASCAR - Car News With their racing budgets deemed “unnecessary expenditures,” GM and Chrysler are ordered to cease racing operations at the end of the season. BY JARED GALL, ILLUSTRATION BY ERIC WOODWARD April 2009 In a move sure to spark...
  7. The Lodge
    Just curious as to how many people golf on this site. I golf but not a great golfer by a long long long shot.
  8. Hunting Gear
    These are great boots. My dad has had a pair for about 3 years now and still in great shape...
  9. The Lodge
    We were about 10 miles away from Charles City and we heard all sorts of sirens and now we know what happened. CHARLES CITY, Iowa (AP) - Fire officials in Charles City say at least 12 people have been injured during a Fourth of July fireworks display. Charles City Fire Department public...
1-11 of 11 Results