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  1. Sports Talk
    have a nice offseason. signed, eli manning and the giants
  2. Classifieds
    I have a Vexilar FL-8se Genz pack I purchased new last yr. from scheels for $325. I'd like to get $225 obo. Like new
  3. Sports Talk
    From what I have seen so far BOTH defenses SUCK!!!!!!!!!! Tons of points scored already in the first half. On a bright note glad I have Rogers as a QB on one of my FF teams! Other than that GO SAINTS!!!!!!!!:D
  4. The Lodge
    I have not gotten out nearly as much as I had hoped this year and have not taken very many pictures, but here are a few shots from the last few times out. The girlfriend blew up her gun this morning. No pro grade decoys or calls. Nothing fancy. Just lots of scouting, big decoy spreads...
  5. The Lodge
    After a week of resting up we hit the fields again today to try to whack some more honks. When it started snowing this morning I knew what was about to happen and it was confirmed when a buddy called and told me how there was in his words, "Thousands of geese in this field" and as he went on...
  6. Classifieds
    I have a harvester pack hunter series (no motion bases, just stakes) used one season. One of the decoys has a partially broken leg (can be purchased from avery if you want one) but it is still attached and I just never bothered to replace it since it is on the underside of the decoy. I also...
  7. Field Hunting
    We went out this am and got our 3 man limit. We were done before 7:30. We took a guy we work with who hasn't goose hunted in over 10 years, I think he is hooked again.
1-7 of 8 Results