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  1. The Lodge
    That avatar is just wrong! First you go from teenage boys, then you try hitting on me, then to Prarie Bell, now to little girls dressed as strippers. No shame in your world. FREAK!:D
  2. IAW Bar & Grill
    I see your buddy is selling calls again on Ebay!!!!:p:p
  3. The Lodge
    at a football game. Great job guys, nice danceing to Flagr in the white.
  4. The Lodge
    If anyone has a LEFT HANDED 12g let me know. I would like to go with 3.5" but not a deal breaker. Let me know if you have anything you would like to deal. Can trade for it or buy it, your call.
  5. The Lodge
    Oscar and CLIPPER are walking through a zoo. They come across the gorillas and after a while they notice that the male gorilla has a massive erection. The gay men are fascinated by this. Oscar just can't bear it any longer and he reaches into the cage to touch it. The gorilla grabs him, drags...
  6. The Lodge
    Quit lookin
  7. The Lodge
    Jeff, please call me and tell me what is up with these lanyards you ordered from me. I have not heard from you in a long time. I would PM you, but the site won't let me. Thanks Rob
  8. The Lodge
    Last I saw you were looking for some old goose floaters... I don't care if you want them or not, but since then I haven't seen you post once, and looking back you normally post at least once a day! Hope every things good with ya, we need your humor around here. 8)
  9. The Lodge
    Forget it I can't play gay
  10. The Lodge
    After goose hunting this morning(didn't see a goose) we decided to cut down around a 100 or better good sized willows/cottonwoods at our pond for better visability. All was going well till I set the saw on the ground to start, got it started picked it up and I felt something on my arm stinging...
  11. The Lodge
    Did you really just say meat sling? can u hold my meat sling for a minute?? _________________
  12. The Lodge
    I loose it everytime I watch this. :lol:
  13. The Lodge
    Here is a photo of my girlfriend. Her name is Tiffany Lakoski, soon to be Tiffany Miller. She's kind of a big deal. This photo was taken at the Deer Classic Friday. I let Al and Derek sneak in for a pic with her and I. You don't believe we're dating? Look where my hand is...... :shock...
  14. Waterfowling Stories
    2008 Hunting Journal Template: Date: Location (county): Morning, afternoon, evening or all day hunt: Wind: Temp: Water hunt: Field hunt: Weather: Hunters: Guided "Y" or "N": Name of guide service: Ducks killed: Geese killed: Number of waterfowl not found: Confidence...
1-16 of 18 Results