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  1. Waterfowl Boats, Motors, & Boat Blinds
    Ok guys I have a quickset on my 1648 and dont like to have the top almost totally closed in. My question is how much of an opening do you have on the tops of your blinds? I know to much isnt good for the birds that fly over top but I also like to be able to see.
  2. The Lodge
    Can't wait, it wont be long! I think the video below will get me by for a while hope it helps you too :p Is this heaven (Iowa) no its Arkansas
  3. The Lodge
    well we still had quite a few birds back home in NC Iowa. Sat got 19 and Sun got 17. Some older guys went with on Sat that couldnt shoot the ground if they tried too they were that bad!!
  4. Northern Zone
    Lets hear it boys. My guess it that is must have sucked, cause I hear nobody braging.... Just looking to hear some reports...
  5. The Lodge
    Here are some pictures of my buddies and my limit from opening day of the south zone goose season. Had our limit by 8:30
  6. The Lodge
    Just was curious if people had more luck than our group did.
  7. The Lodge
    Here in eastern Iowa we are looking at rain for much of our opener. this sucks. :evil:
  8. The Lodge
    here are some pics of todays hunt. AJB... you forgot yur chair!!! GOOBER island !!!
  9. The Lodge
    Here I sit at work this morning looking outside at a beautiful SW Iowa morning, I even saw ducks on the way to work this morning, have the boat ready loaded and ready but can't hunt until tomorrow morning. Just thought that I would spin a little note to see how the rest of you did this morning...
  10. The Lodge
    Job Opening In Alaska Position: Surveyor Salary: $200 per hour (tax-free) Qualification: Must be fast on your feet Isn't it comforting to know that when you are about to become a bear's breakfast your buddy is standing there taking photos?
  11. Deer Forum
    Wow was it chilly out there today. Had a n/nw wind 15 to 20mph. The wife and I sat in the shack and my old man sat under the sun room. Saw about a dozen does. Now we will just sit by the window and wait to see one then we will run out on the deck and shoot them as they walk by until this...
  12. Surrounding States
    Yesterday 6 guns 4 geese Today 6 guys 12 geese Another angle
  13. Surrounding States
    Sorry the pics are a little fuzzy
  14. The Lodge
    so im looking for some opinions cause i havent had a chance to scout yet but i have 2 spots down on the raccoon river between a few of those gravel pits near booneville. last year i watched them fly up and down the river later in the season. not to many ducks flying around here it seems like. do...
  15. The Lodge
    By Lowell Washburn For thousands of Iowa waterfowl hunting enthusiasts, the long wait is over. Opening weekend of the first segment of this year’s 60-day, split duck season has come and gone. The weeks and days leading up to last Saturday’s big opener were filled with anticipation and...
  16. Northern Zone
    It was a decent opener here in North Iowa. Saturday was pretty good shot several woodies and teal. Sunday was the normal second day early season still managed some woodies and teal, we didn't shoot any mallards til this morning. We need rain up here the marshes and pot holes are pretty dry...
  17. Southern Zone
    Day 1: :oops: Went to a bad spot, shot 1 gwt Day 2: A lot better, went with a 4 other friends and had a pretty good shoot. 7 mallards, 7 woodies, 2 bwt, 1 gwt, 1 gadwall
  18. The Lodge
    Here are a few pictures from today. Adam waiting for dead ducks to float down. Adam & I at the end of the morning...sporting the 417DUX shirt & Heavy Hauler Lanyard. My little sister & her boyfriend in the blind.
  19. The Lodge
    This will be me on opening day multi tasking.
1-19 of 20 Results