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  1. Southern Zone
    Got into a few of them Saturday morning on public in the South Zone. 3 of us killed a limit of decoying birds. 9 GWT, 5 Woodies, 4 BWT. Did see a few mallards and pintails around too. It was a fun morning. Here is a pic of my dad and my buddy with the birds and one of the pup.
  2. Southern Zone
    Well after disappointing shooting this morning I am looking forward to some redemption. Hopefully there is water in my little south zone honey hole. I found a little county conservation area that isn't listed on any websites. The last two years it has been full of mallards and woodies. A two...
  3. Waterfowling Stories
    Date: 10/15/2011 Location (county): Pocahontas Morning, afternoon, evening or all day hunt: Morning Wind: West 10-15mph Temp: 41 Water hunt: Yes Field hunt: No Weather: Sunny Hunters: 4 Guided "Y" or "N": NO Name of guide service: Ducks killed: 9 Geese killed: 0 Number...
  4. Northern Zone
    What did you score? Lets try to match up the reported duck numbers on locations as reported to those who hunted the areas today. Just would like to see what folks say about the numbers reported vs to what was on the water come shooting time. Good luck guys. Bill
  5. Northern Zone
    So how many of you Southern boys plan to come up for the Northern operner? Just curious as to how many guys come up for it, I have never gone down and hunted the southern opener, but I should since I am right on the border. Get an extra one out of the year.
  6. Southern Zone
    How'd everyone do? What a morning!! We hit a private pond, 5 guys, and ended up teaming up with 3 other guys who also had permission to hunt the same little pond, and we couldn't keep the geese away. 8 guys limited out, 16 geese in a little under 2 hours. A great example of gentleman's...
  7. Field Hunting
    This is a video from the weekend opener this is sunday the last group. Ill post a couple more later.
  8. Northern Zone
    How did everyone do? We ended one shy of our three man limit. Didn't see as many as we had thought but what we did see worked well. Will post a pic when I get to a computer.
  9. The Lodge
    I am still missing the group photo pics of opening morning but here is a pic of the birds with my dog. I will post the other pics when I get them. The secon pic was from tuesday when I hunted with my dad at our restored wetland. only two ducks we saw that morning.
  10. The Lodge
    Good morning overall, cant really complain about the weather either. 36 all bwt. made it to the local tavern for breakfast and bloodys by 9:30. (sorry dont know how to resize the pic)
  11. The Lodge
    Damn boys it just keeps being good up here. Shot 18 mallards this morning & could have shot 50 if we had the guys! We landed and let go numerous ducks as I was counting & we were 1 shy of our hen limit so we didn't wanna go over that. But not One teal!! I wish we would have had some but can't...
  12. The Lodge
    Could only hunt to 8am this morning, but we ended up with 10 and 2 bands. I took my kids with this morning, and left the dog at home. Those kids had some good retrieves! Mikey grabbed the first one that hit the ground but it was just playin dead, he took about 30 wing beats to the head has he...
  13. The Lodge
    Its going to be a really hot opener tomorrow. Who is hunting by water, and who is hunting out in the feilds? I was a little torn on what I was going to wear tomorrow also, as most of my camo shirts are long sleeve, so I decide instead just to go with camo body paint, and my spedo, and a...
  14. The Lodge
    I know I know that the official opener can't be decided til mid august but would some of u guys who know the federal regulations better than I do give an opinion. Assuming this year is just like the past as far as when we can open up, when do u think the opener would b? The 17th or the 24th? Thanks
  15. Turkey Forum
    Took my brother out and heard a few gobbles. Rainy and a slight bit windy, the turkey's all went to the bottom of the hill. We left snuck on some, they went in the woods and about 9 we got a few gobbling but they had a bunch of hens. Anyone else have better luck?
  16. The Grill :shock: :lol:
  17. The Lodge
    I dont know about any of you but this guy is darn excited for pheasant opener!!! Dad says that there is NO corn left anywhere back home except for our food plots and that the ground is almost all black already!! stark contrast from last year where there was only 3 fields out by opener!! It...
  18. The Lodge
    7 drake Mallards, 2 hen mallards, 5 gadwall, and 4 tasty shovelers. Hunted small pond in central Iowa sat. a.m.
1-20 of 46 Results