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  1. The Lodge
    Need to test out my new trolling motor, make sure she can push my rig.
  2. The Lodge
    Not sure about the rest of the state, but over this way I'd say the ice is maybe 3" thick at most and melting. With all this rain and high temps we are getting, what do you guys think the chances are of the marshes opening back up?? Tommorrow is supposed to be windy as well. I wouldnt mind...
  3. Southern Zone
    Hey, we'll be heading out from Des Moines in the morning in my boat, it'll be the legendary Mr89 and myself, and we would love to have another gun in the boat. We got heaters, dog, dekes, what more could ya ask for. Hell, I'll probably even cook breakfast. If you are in the Des Moines area...
  4. Waterfowl Q & A
    Been wanting to try and hunt the middle of some smaller lakes with the canoe. Should I just grass it up and look like a very small island? also thinking about covering it up with a tarp but not really sure of what color to try. the waters brown but at an angle its more of a shiny silverish blue...
  5. Gear Giveaways
    Hey folks, First and foremost, thanks to Dakota Decoys for donating decoys for this contest. Okay so since a lot of you guys like our social interaction giveaways, we have another one and are offering some decoys. Prize: 6 Dakota Lessers What you must do: Once this thread reaches 5,000...
  6. The Lodge
  7. Mississippi River Zone
    Every year on my drive home from hunting I follow the same road home that follows the river. I always see ducks hanging around the really wide areas of the river here around dubuque. It is just big wide open water out there with no cover, not one thing to hide in! I am always use to hunting...
  8. The Lodge
    well its over. good time, could of been colder and more big ducks but it is what it is! not bad but not great. 2+ man's best friend, 12 birds by 8 twenty, with plenty of missing. Come on ganders!!!!!
  9. Southern Zone
    Does anyone do much pond hopping or stream hunting down south central way? my dad and i had a lot of good luck with jumping ponds last fall and we were thinking of walking a few wooded streams, mostly mallards and woodies is what we've seen but i'm not complaining, anyone wanna weigh in on these...
  10. Waterfowl Calls & Calling Forum
    Hello Everyone, Just wanted to let everyone know that Flyway Customs is accepting Pro Staff Applications, And Calling Comp-Staff positions. For any Information please ask or Fill out the Contact form on our site at Go to Contact Us and Fill out the Form! We look...
  11. Fishing Forum
    Anyone been out??? Going to head up to Genoa this weekend and give it a shot in the boat. Might take the ice fishing poles to just in case we somehow limit out and want to go after some panfish thru the ice.
  12. Northern Zone
    I went out today and hunted around the Spencer area. Trumbal lake and all the small water was frozen over with about an inch of ice. anyone know a good late season spot that will still be open.
  13. The Lodge
    Anyone else heard the rumor that Iowa may have open carry of firearms in 2011?
  14. The Lodge
    Hey Guys and Gals.... Calef Calls will be at Shallow Water Marine in Iowa with the Calef Calls Blind Boat on May 1st 2010. Barn and myself and Shallow Water Marine guys are looking forward to seeing anyone who wants to come down check out the boats, calls or just get some tips from Barn on...
  15. The Lodge
    Coming to a fence line near you.
  16. Fishing Forum
    Anyone been out trying some of the open water yet for eyes??? Think a buddy and I are going to try to fish the shell rock from shore tomorrow or wednesday or shove the boat across the ice into the open water channel on the cedar by waverly. I heard some of the boat ramps on upper pool 9 on the...
  17. The Lodge
    America Rising: An Open Letter to Democrat Politicians
  18. The Lodge
    Just an FYI...I am open to invites if anyone needs and extra gun or two. We do alright, but it seems like me and my buddy Pete are always running a free guide service for a group of guys we hunt with. It would be nice to be the guest for a change! I can call or not. Whatever works. I live in...
  19. The Lodge
    It was working until today, now I can't open any pms. Am I the only one with this problem?
1-20 of 25 Results