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  1. New Member Introductions
    We do a lot of our duck hunting in southeast Oklahoma and i do some Deer hunting but it's the duck's that im after :25: I live here in southeast Oklahoma in a little town called Wilburton
  2. Decoy Forum
    Well, because of insurance and regulations, we have been unable to give guided tours at the G&H DECOY plant in Henryetta, Oklahoma. BUT NOW you have a chance to tour the plant and see the process whether you can travel to Oklahoma or not! Check out the video taped tour, hosted by decoy...
  3. The Lodge
    Three Oklahoma Men Guilty in Deer Poaching Case Posted: August 10, 2010 DES MOINES, Iowa - A trio of McAlister, Okla., men have pleaded guilty to charges stemming from illegally hunting deer in Decatur County, Iowa. Christopher R. Kennon, 24, was fined $1,656 and ordered to pay $10,000 in...
  4. The Lodge
    nwhunter He wins a 2 day hunt for 2 guys. Just get in touch with me and we will work out some dates. Thanks for letting me do this!!! Fellas, let me know if there is ever anything I can do for you. Brent
  5. The Lodge
    Hey fellas! My name is Brent Orr and I own a guide service in Oklahoma called Sooner Outfitters. I have become a new sponsor on the site and I would like to introduce myself by giving away a free hunt. Here are the details: 2 Day duck hunt for 2 people We will be drawing for the hunt in 2...
  6. The Lodge
    An update from Oklahoma , on some different issues The state law passed today, 37 to 9, had a few liberals in the mix, an amendment to place the Ten Commandments on the front entrance to the state capitol. The feds in D.C., along with the ACLU, said it would be a mistake. Hey this is a...
1-6 of 7 Results