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  1. The Lodge
    If anyone is thinking of heading to North Dakota and has some questions feel free to pm me and we can talk from there.
  2. The Lodge
    Nodak is getting hit by a north wind and by tomorrow they plan on getting a rain snow mix. This is from Bismark 550 am.
  3. The Lodge
  4. Surrounding States
    Got the trip dates cemented, but there's a glitch. The Motel I wanted to stay at is full on our dates, the other motels around are either dumps or high dollar. Have any of you stayed in the Benson/Eddy/Ramsey county area? Perhaps you might know of an opening at a hunter’s type motel or even...
  5. Surrounding States
    What can you guys tell me about hunting lands on an Indian Res., I’ve got the number for the local F & G guy but wanted to talk to the experts first. I'm going to hunt near DL this fall and it seems to me a big chunk of the area is tribal land, have any of you hunted there? What can you tell...
1-5 of 5 Results