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  1. The Lodge
    The season is over but the fun still remains for photographers. The past sunny morning, I was out shooting the camera at the co-op buffet the geese have been enjoying the past few weeks. Surprising the smart little suckers didn't come as close as I thought they would so I didn't get the shots...
  2. Outdoor Photography
    Took the wife so she could get some awesome pics today, notice some of them are sporting a little jewelry
  3. The Lodge
    Well here's a "few" highlight photo's from my goose season this year. It started off great in the early and mid season but slowed down in December and January. Tallied up the numbers at the end of the year and was surprised to have gotten fewer geese. I quess I felt like I shot more after...
  4. The Lodge
    The 2008 duck season in Iowa was another exciting one with great hunts with the usually gang of buddies along with some new buddies as well. When ever possible, I would have the Nikon out in the blind snapping pictures before shooting my gun or done with my birds. I learned that it's alot...
1-4 of 4 Results