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    NFL wild card weekend (click on pic)
  2. Sports Talk
    Week 1 NFL line, click on pic to maximize.
  3. Sports Talk
    1st NFL game starts tomorrow (line is 4 for the Packers), who's gonna win it all and goto the superbowl, my pick
  4. Sports Talk | Green Bay Packers | Insiders Blog » Report: Packers players reporting this weekend
  5. Sports Talk
    The NFL Draft starts tonight! Who are you hoping your team picks up? The Titans have the 8th pick and the way things are sounding we may either get Blaine Gabbert, Jake Locker or Nick Fairley. The only disappointing thing is with the NFL lockout going on we won't see the big contracts right away.
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    NFL Football All Times Eastern Sun Jan, 23 2011 3:00pm EDT Green Bay Packers -3.5 O 43 (-110) -200 -3 O 21.5 (-110) Chicago Bears +3.5 U 43 (-110) +170 +3 U 21.5 (-110) bet 6:30pm EDT New York Jets +3.5 O 38.5 (-110) +170 +3 O 19.5 (-110) Pittsburgh Steelers -3.5...
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    Saturday, January 15, 2011 Divisional Playoff: Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers 4:30 PM Baltimore Ravens +155 +3 ( +100) O36.5 ( -110) Pittsburgh Steelers -180 -3 ( -120) U36.5 ( -110) _________________________________________________ Divisional Playoffs: Green Bay...
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    Week 2 NFL picks Go Packes, and Dallas -vs- the Bears, can you say slaughter :lol:
  9. Sports Talk
    Week 1 NFL Line, game one tonight.
  10. Sports Talk
    Vikings -vs- Saints, number 6 (Vikings win by 6) Colts -vs- Jets, Number 6 & 1 (Colts win by 14) Of course, all finals are a guess :D Go Favre, win it all and retire again :lol:
  11. Sports Talk
    Early line for this weekends NFL games.
  12. Sports Talk
    Vikings squeek out another, would have thought a 44yd feild goal would have been in the trick bag for a "Pro". That said kinda fun game on right now with Tenn and NE white feild, playing in the snow.
  13. Sports Talk
    Oct 11th-12th NFL Line
  14. Sports Talk
    Week 2 NFL line
  15. Sports Talk
    NFL commissioner Roger Goodell didn't seek to 'punish' Michael Vick. COMMENTARY The "non-suspension" of quarterback Michael Vick by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell leaves us with as many questions as answers. For now, Vick is out of the league's doghouse, pun most certainly intended. The face...
  16. Sports Talk
    So, one of my favorite tv times of the year is comin up this weekend. Who do you want your team to draft? Tennessee is expected to draft Percy Harvin with the 30th pick in the draft which would be awesome if he can hold up.
  17. Sports Talk
    Living in Green Bay, Wi. I'm no doubt a Packer fan, I'm also a Mil. Brewer fan. So what does a guy (Or gal) do in a state where you don't have a national sports team? Any fav's here in Iowa? :D
  18. Sports Talk
    TAMPA, Fla. (AP) — Two NFL players may have died just a few hours after their fishing boat capsized in rough seas and possibly before rescuers were even alerted that they and two others were lost off the west coast of Florida, according to Coast Guard records. The lone survivor, Nick...
  19. Sports Talk;jsessionid=9D03ADEA8B4E1C4A0F6BA98B4D32648B?id=09000d5d80895a52&template=with-video&confirm=true
1-19 of 19 Results