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  1. The Lodge
    We would like to let everyone know that has joined up with and the Brannen Family You can see their show on Sports South on Tuesdays at 2:30PM/EST. Also on Versus Channel Thursdays at 12:30PM/EST. They have a great show, which is about Making Time for Traditions and getting family in...
  2. The Lodge
    Well I had to work all weekend and could not hunt but the wind blew from the north like an SOB.... so was the hunting good? And any ducks moving.
  3. The Lodge
    I will try and post some site info and news monthly (my memory is short, this may be the only monthly post) 1st off we have a couple auctions going on, please check them out;
  4. Vendor Deals
    Here are a few of the upcoming events that SHOW ME SNOW GEESE & LetEmWork Calls will be attending . If you are in any of the areas stop in and say hello to Brian and myself at these ; Quincy Bay Blowout- Duck and Goose Calling Contest Contest begins around 10:00am Saturday, July 16 · 8:30am -...
  5. The Lodge
    Hey Guys, Since I got my internet back and my mom is letting me stay up late on the computer I have been doing some research. So i figured I would keep all my freinds updated so when the shit hits the fan they are prepared. Anyway heres the latest from Zombie World news. Americas -...
  6. Conservation Forum
    Legislative Update : A lot of information folks. Enjoy Budget negotiations continue. Natural resource funding is being unfairly targeted for very large budget cuts. The Iowa DNR will be funded at its lowest level in over 20 years if the Senate accepts the Iowa House budget. We do have the power...
  7. The Lodge
    Opossum Recovering From Gunshot Wounds In Waterloo - Des Moines News Story - KCCI Des Moines
  8. Conservation Forum
    GREAT NEWS! The Senate Natural Resources Committee passed SF 83 which is the bill which would return the authority to set a hunting season for mourning doves to the DNR. This means it will now be considered by the full senate. It was a voice vote. Three senators asked to be in the record as...
  9. Conservation Forum
    Dear Iowa Sportsmen, We have some initial good news to report from the Senate Appropriations Committee. The Senate Appropriations committee has passed HF 45 without the provisions banning DNR acquisition of public lands in FY 2011 and without the proposed cuts to REAP in FY 2011. This is a...
  10. Sports Talk
    Breaking News - Bears' QB Cutler to be Replaced Next Season
  11. The Lodge
    The staff at MarshMonster is proud to announce Todd Copley as an Elite Prostaffer. As most of you know Todd was the 2003 World Duck Calling Champion and 2010 Champion of Champions. Keep checking over the next couple of weeks for a lot of changes on the website. Also check...
  12. IAW Bar & Grill
    Just got the bad news......
  13. Vendor Deals
    SHOW ME SNOW GEESE With the Missouri 2010/11 south zone, just opening it looks as if everyone will have a good season . Waterfowl number across the state have doubled in just the last few days. Vast numbers of Snows and White Fronted geese have moved in across Missouri's south zone. While...
  14. The Lodge
    Lindsey Lohan who? I cant believe the news coverage being given to a 20-something drug addict actress. Here are a few 20 year-olds worth knowing about: Justin Allen 23, Brett Linley 29, Matt Weikert 29, Justus Bartett 27, Dave Santos 21, Chase Stanley 21, Jesse Reed 26, Matthew King 23...
  15. The Lodge Pretty self explanitory.
  16. The Lodge
    Tim Peterson Inverntor of Goose Magnet Decoys Passed away.,1976.msg2717.html#msg2717
  17. The Lodge
    Here is a email I received today :cry: :cry: Dear Harvey, The Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership suffered a terrible loss this week. Jim Range, the Chairman of our Board of Directors, who founded this organization with a handful of visionary conservation leaders just seven years ago...
  18. The Lodge
  19. Gun Dog Forum
    We took 2 labs and 1 shorthair in to the vet about 2 months ago for their yearly check up. It was bad news all 3 had heartworm. Well we decided to get the treatment for them. 900 bucks for all 3 of them. Dad took them back up there today to have them retested and thankfully they are all...
1-19 of 19 Results