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  1. The Lodge
    Buddy of mine shot 3 neck collared geese in 2 shots 2 of them were consecutive numbers. Whats the chances of that? Anyone else ever done this?
  2. The Lodge
    My buddy shot a neck coller/leg band and a leg band this mornin up here! Sucks having to work on Fridays, lol
  3. Taxidermy Forum
    Thought I would share a few mounts. The ring neck just got back last night. And the woodie we had it mounted last year. Just adding to our collection!
  4. The Lodge
    Adam better hurry!!! :lol: we saw a orange neck collar today and im going after him tomorrow.. :D I saw over 25 leg bands in the last 2 days so it should be ON!! I have never waited it out for a collar but now since they are not doing them anymore i may pitch a tent!! :twisted: we also have a...
  5. The Lodge
    Hey guys, just wondering if anyone has shot any neck collars this year. I always think it is pretty cool when people shoot them. If you did shoot one I'm curious where they were banded?? One of my conservation officer buddies told me that they no longer neck collar canada geese anymore, so...
1-6 of 6 Results