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  1. Big Game Forum
    New Ohio Muzzleloader Record Could Have Longest Main Beams Ever Recorded. Okay, it’s not official quite yet. But unless a buck’s main beam can shrink by almost two inches in 60 days, you are looking at least the longest left main beam and likely the longest two beams recorded on a whitetail...
  2. Deer Forum
    I was a lucky man on Wed. afternoon. I stalked this bruiser and got him on the run at 80 yds....I am a very blessed man and Very Thankful!
  3. Gun Rack
    This is a question for everyone that hunts with one. I am going to be taking mine out for 1st shotgun season. It is a 50cal Knight with a 3-5 power scope. What does everyone shot for bullets and powder. Right now I am shooting 250gr knight bullets and 110gr of lose powder. Will this be enough...
  4. Gun Rack
    Anyone shoot a deer with a muzzleloader this year????? I got a doe during first season shotgun. Here it is along with my muzzleloader.
1-4 of 4 Results