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  1. Mud Motor Talk
    My son and I have been rebuilding mudmotor props for our motors, by welding up worn blades. We have came up with a more accurate way to regain blade shape and thickness. We make a mold of brand new prop in mortar cement. We then weld up blades and grind them to fit back in mold. Then using lawn...
  2. Classifieds
    looking to buy small mudmotor longtail for layout. Looking for a 9.9, 7 or 6.5 horse. Brand not that important
  3. Classifieds
    Check out the great deal at We have a 40 HP Generac Marshmonster mudmotor for sale. Price reduced to $3300, this motor is a prototype and has been used only as a test motor for our boats and his been on water 3-4 times. Call us at 319-346-2549 or shoot us an email with...
  4. Classifieds
    I have a 2001 Otter Stealth with a honda 5 hp mudmotor. the boat is in very good shape no holes no leaks. i built the mudmotor and transom mount. it works amazing you can get to those places most cant. also comes with chair and the otter side motor mount. will sell each seperatly. 500 obo for...
  5. Classifieds
    Buddy of mine is selling this. I have seen him pass a 40 Yamaha in open water.
  6. Mud Motor Talk
    We have been fooling around with worn out mudmotor props, and have been able to salvage a couple. We weld up worn edges with s/s rod and then using small disc grinders reshape and cup blades. We have done two from Mudbuddy motors with good results. Balancing is hardest, getting both blades equal...
  7. Mud Motor Talk
    Thru some wheeling and dealing we aquired another mud motor outfit. Its a 2005 23hp MudBuddy Hyper tall transome motor and 1986 14'x48 Lowe big jon on a rusty old trailer. 23 needs new starter, so we are swapping it out and installing 29hp big block on frame and putting 23hp on our GD long tail...
  8. Mud Motor Talk
    We have modified my MudBuddy Hyper again, from a short 32" drive shaft to a 42" drive shaft. A buddy gave me a 42" drive shaft housing with locked up bearings and shaft off a tall transome Hyper 23 hp. We built a new shaft and replaced seals and bearings and installed it on my Short transome...
1-8 of 8 Results