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  1. The Lodge
    Big big announcement. For the past 4 days, I've been building a brand new server to house IAW. It's fairly decked out and could handle this website with extreme ease (allowing for x50 in growth). The server will be placed in a datacenter 4 hours from where I live (Orlando, FL). Tomorrow I...
  2. The Lodge
  3. Decoy Forum
    Well I have gotten to the point that I cant fit all my decoys into my truck with the topper. Not to mention it is a royal PITA to unpack then repack every time I go out! On a college kid budget I just can't swing the coin on an enclosed trailer my boat eats all the money... What I do have is an...
  4. The Lodge
    Well, My girlfriend (very soon to be fiance) got a job as a PA in Aberdeen, SD so I got looking for a job and found one! Looks like I am heading to the "Pheasant Capitol of the World" and heart of the PPR. Can't wait for this fall!
  5. Conservation Forum
    Dear fellow MOVWA Members & Friends It is a matter of extreme urgency that each of us contact every last one of the NRC members in support of having an Iowa Dove season this 2011. Please read the details below and pass this information onto your friends and family members asking them to help in...
  6. Bird Movement
    Quite a few birds stacking up along the Iowa the last few days...lots of specs, canadians and about every species of duck for this flyway...not much white though....wave after wave this evening...nice to see...
  7. Bird Movement
    heard multiple rounds of geese go through over night while at work..was on the roof top checking the aircraft and equipment and it seemed like they were very low...was thinking maybe I'll get hit! Was outside a few hours later and a few more groups over head...flyin the Iowa river to the SE...
  8. The Lodge
    Definitely seen many groups of new birds this morning and the next couple of days should definitely help out the numbers. It probably helps that Bismarck, ND just got 5 inches of snow and there high tomorrow is around 30.
  9. Snow Goose Reports & Information
    Been keepin up on some other forums, sounds like the migration has started, birds moving into the Sakatoon, Sask, Canada area
  10. Deer Forum
    Got these pics a couple nights ago. Have the 3 cameras out again going to check them in the morning again.
  11. The Lodge
    I saw big groups of snows on the move this afternoon. It started about 3:15 and went all the way up till dark thirty. Also saw a few big groups of honkers roll in from the north. Didn't see a dam duck all day long until 3:30 pm. At that time I saw the most ducks I have seen all season long...
  12. The Lodge
    We hit 17 on the top 100 (I think record :?: ), good stuff. We are advertising (as a test) 2 of the sites and we will see where it gets us, hopefuly not broke :lol:
  13. The Lodge
    I got to a small public lake today, a little late and see 3 trucks beat me there. This lake has 2 make shift landings. The guys put their boats in and left their trucks parked in the 2 landing spots. This is not the first time I have seen this from these guys. I have thought about making a...
  14. Bird Movement
    Sunday night after dark I could hear geese but do to traffic noise I couldn't tell if they where big geese or small geese. When I got to work Monday morning one of the guys I'm working with mentioned hearing geese after dark Sunday night also. I wouldn't think this cold front would have moved...
1-14 of 19 Results