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  1. Taxidermy Forum
    Check these out!
  2. Taxidermy Forum
    Let me know what you guys think? The Dangers of Discount Taxidermy |
  3. Taxidermy Forum
    Great job on picking mature Cans for mounts! I peaked out the window when you left, looked like you were a little on the loaded side.:) Hope they make the train ride.
  4. Taxidermy Forum
    Hoodie and Woodie
  5. Taxidermy Forum
    Got a call yesterday that my birds are done and ready to be picked up. The wall that I planned on hanging them on faces south right in front of a window and was wondering if all of the sun on them would hurt them? Its a dead mount on an old barn door and I'm thinking that I'm going to have to...
  6. The Lodge
    can i get sum pictures of sum of your guys wood duck drakes mounts please. i shot a nice drake and looking for sum ideas too have it done. thanks
  7. Taxidermy Forum
    Anyone get your animals back from anyone??? If so post up some pics. I just got my gadwall back will try to get some pics of it this weekend.
  8. Taxidermy Forum
    Real nice drake......... First and probably the last one of these I'll ever do(imagine sowing a wet kleenex).......... First Chuckar, cool looking birds......... Big beak rooster............ Young Swan head(I've got 2 full size to do this year)....... Can/Rooster dead mount for Gude...
  9. Taxidermy Forum
    Guys here are 2 of my mounts i just went and picked up from my bird taxidermist today.. Im trying to talk him into a sponsership on the sites.. :D
  10. Taxidermy Forum
    These are some mounts from a buddy of mine that is getting back into bird taxidermy.. I think he is a hell of a bird guy.. Some of the best work ive seen around here in years..He was doing them about 20 years ago as a hobby then quite and now hes back at it... I wish i would of took him my snow...
  11. Taxidermy Forum
    Just got these back today... what do you think? The snow was a mature snow..
  12. Taxidermy Forum
    The goose had a deformed foot with pink pigment and a blown up wing. Thanks for looking.
  13. Taxidermy Forum
    Last deer head of the year, 14 point shot by a 13yo. Limit dead mount hanging on a fence post Thanks for looking.
  14. Taxidermy Forum
    Here are some of my mounts First buck I shot in MI back in 1987, last time I hunted deer with my dad. First good deer I shot in NC, mounted it because of the story behind it.
  15. Taxidermy Forum
    hey you guys lets see some of your collections. lee
1-17 of 17 Results