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  1. Taxidermy Forum
    This has been a pretty common question since I've been in this game and I really never had a great answer till now. This product does a awsome job without ruffleing feathers! Ask your wife if shes got one(I destroyed my wifes swiffer with dust),if not buy one. Make your mounts look like new...
  2. Waterfowl Boats, Motors, & Boat Blinds
    I was looking for a motor mount for my Otter stealth besides that little thing they call one that holds a trolling motor. I found a couple online and this one looks pretty sweet. They say it is reversible to hold a small outboard or mud motor. Has anyone out there bought one, I'm thinking about...
  3. Fishing Forum
    Well I had some time after work to get some fishing in. Hit up one spot and pulled 11 off this point. About the second or third fish I hooked into a BRUTE!!! I thankfully had a net in the boat to land him. It was a new personal record of 15 3/4" I gave my boss a call on the drive back since he...
  4. Taxidermy Forum
    Just picked up my mount today pretty happy with it. I think once I get it on the wall I will re-arange them a little and put the band back on one of the mallards. I had him make it big enough so I could add a pair of gadwells to in the future.
  5. Taxidermy Forum
    Guys I'm having a tough time deciding in what pose to mount the snow that I shot this past weekend. Its going over a fireplace in the family room that is rustic tan stone. Here are the options: #1 #2 #3
  6. Taxidermy Forum
    Here is a mount Im about finished with. ive decided next big buck i kill this is the mount im going to have done for it. Really like the look and how it turned out. This cape was in the customers freezer for 6 years. couple bad spots on cape but overall looks good.
  7. Taxidermy Forum
    I got a decent eight on Saturday. I want to get a European mount done of the antlers. I know that you can buy a kit and do it yourself, but I have seen the results of some of those kits, and they wind up looking like the person did it themselves. I was wondering if anyone could suggest a decent...
  8. Taxidermy Forum
    Hey guys, Just got a nice deer with the bow the other day. Got it caped and ready to go to the taxidermist. Wondering opinions on who is a good taxidermist for the best value. Would like to hear them all. I live in central Iowa so the closer would be more convenient but I travel all over...
  9. Taxidermy Forum
    My daughter has been watching and helping me for some time but these are her first waterfowl, I know these are incomplete, but would like some imput.
  10. Taxidermy Forum
    Here is a pic of the deer i got done.. I need to paint around the eyes and do the ears and put the bumps on the nose.. I brought it in the house so it will dry a little faster..
  11. The Lodge
    Here is my deer im getting ready to mount this next week.. I made the stand and the holder the last 2 days...
  12. Taxidermy Forum
    Deer mount
  13. Taxidermy Forum
    this one has a green cast, comes from Linn grove.
  14. Taxidermy Forum
    bird completed today,, banded young drake
  15. The Lodge
    He said it was the new thing. I think he is right and 800.00 was a fair price don't you guys think?
1-17 of 32 Results