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  1. The Lodge
    goose season was over at 5pm 6:30 pm...snowing like a mo fo no water or rain this season suck it love craig
  2. Sports Talk
  3. The Lodge
    thanks for bringing us cold weather and all the birds im seeing... i finally saw migrating geese and i bet i saw over 400 mallards hitting fields today.. Tomorrow is going to be fun... we are going out in the boat to see if we can get some of those ducks !!!!! :D :D everything is icing up so...
  4. The Lodge
    Been in the basement since six in the evening Thursday night mopping and sweeping water in my store room. water running in where the main water line comes in. After further investigation, discovered no one calked or sealed off the hole. Heads will roll in morning if I have the energy, have to...
  5. The Lodge
    Like always when we go to Des Moines we must hit the scheels, and like always i seem to need more decoys, went in there tonight to pick up a couple of boxes of BB's and was looking at the decoys, thinking to myself even though iowa's season for ducks is coming to an end this week i should just...
1-5 of 5 Results