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  1. Field Hunting
    Pics from this mornings hunt, Wisportsman and Quack Whacker each bagged 2 birds. Nice Shot on this bird :D QW and WIsportsman with their birds View from the layout blind.
  2. The Lodge
    Pretty much like it seems alot of people that hunted this morning it was a great morning for pictures. Saw two flocks of honkers high and far and about 20 turkeys along with 12 or so eagles. That was it for the morning hunt until of course we got back into the city limits on the way to the...
  3. Deer Forum
    Got out about 0630 this morning. Got up at 0615. It is nice to have to walk out of the house and to the deer stand. Was in the upper teens and calm. Very crunchy in the woods. Saw 1 spike 1 button buck and 4 does. One doe was snort happy. Was hoping to see one of the big boys but not luck...
  4. The Lodge
    Had kinda a fun hunt this morning by myself, for as much farting around as I did I came out pretty well. Not tons of birds flying but took pretty good advantage of the birds I saw. I found a sofa that floated in from the flood where I hunted this morning, I built my blind out of a woodin...
1-4 of 4 Results