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  1. The Lodge
    Quackwhacker and I hit the river this morning to try for some honkers. Set out 18 decoys and waited. Didn't wait to long and a loner came right in backwinging. Needless to say he didn't leave. About 30 min later another loner met the water as well. Saw a good number of birds but they were in one...
  2. Field Hunting
    With this great weather we are having here in NE Iowa I wondering if anyone is seeing a morning flight? I watched a bunch go in a field at 4:15 this evening but family life says we can only hunt in the morning for the next two days. Saturday calls for 40 for a high. Any opinions on what might...
  3. The Lodge
    broke ice but it turned into a good day...eggs, hash browns and sausage, and hot coffee;)
  4. The Lodge
    Hoping that this cold front and nw to west winds blows some new birds in 2maro prolly stay out most of the day
  5. Deer Forum
    Well we went down to a buddies land Thursday evening planning to do the 3-day hunt. My Dad and I set out Friday morning to our stands. The morning started of relatively slow with me only seeing one dink at about 7:45 AM. I didn't see another deer till about 12:15PM and it was a 120" or so buck...
  6. The Lodge
    Hit a small little marsh this morning with just enough water to get my boat and mud motor in. Didn't see a ton of ducks but every duck but one that worked us we got. The other one my dad had some issues hitting it. Ended up with 2 woodies and 2 widgeon. Here are a few pics. Sorry they are...
  7. The Lodge
    My son and I are heading out in the morning to give the Doom decoys a try along with a call made by Dean and his class. Its gonna be a good day tomorrow!:D
  8. The Lodge
    Thought I would get over not posting when the lucky man won the Tangle free give away. I miss not seeing what folks have to say so I miss you. Drakeslayer23 hope school is not boring, and everyone else have a safe north opener and good luck. Dean
  9. The Lodge
    Went to the same marsh we hunted saturday and sunday.. Only could talk 1 buddy to take off work with me because no one else thought itd be worth it after sundays disapointment. Started out shooting bad with SEVERAL flocks of bluewings right in the decoys bout 15 yds and only being able to drop 1...
  10. The Lodge
    I decided to hunt my bed instead of goin out this morning, anyone make it out this morning?
  11. The Lodge
    I am headed out scouting in the morning. I'll let you all know what I see, but not where I seen it.
  12. The Lodge
    Had a good dove hunt this morning before school. My buddy and i shot 6. Shot 5 in one shot and no not on power lines!!!
  13. Turkey Forum
    Well ended up filling my 3rd season tag Sunday morning at 6:39 AM after a long weekend of hunting. Hunted Friday and Saturday in the wind and rain. Saturday had birds gobbling good but couldn't get any to come to the call. Sunday morning woke up to clear skies and no wind. When we were pulling...
  14. The Lodge
    Anyone been out on Thanksgiving morning? Is it usually busy with people on public ground, like the weekends?
  15. Waterfowl Q & A
    So I've done my scouting and found the ducks. I've got just the place to set up once the Southern opener begins, but I have a newbie question. Everywhere I've hunted this year has been shooting at flybys. Nothing working the dekes and nothing landing in the water I'm on. But here the...
  16. The Lodge
    Opted to go myself this morning and hunt a area I haven't in years got set up and Hutchies are flying by start calling while trying to take the gun out of the case and load it, they give me 4 circles and are on their final approach when in comes a suicide honker from out of no where, one shot...
  17. The Lodge
    My cousin took me out this morning and went out with two of his buddies. We ended up with 2 ducks 18 teal and two pintail. I shot a triple my first ever and also got my first limit of ducks!
  18. The Lodge
    Today wasn't near as productive as yesterday but still fun. Overcast and rainy but we still got some birds. 4 of us again this morning. The dakotas and the lucky duck. Abbie with this mornings birds.
  19. The Lodge
    We had a good shoot this morning as well. My wife, sister in law, brother in law, and myself went out. The overcast kind of screwed us right away as 10 min. into season it was still dark and birds flying all over. We ended up with 17 this morning with myself only shooting 2 teal as we tried...
  20. Taxidermy Forum
    Words can't describe how big! :shock:
1-20 of 51 Results