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  1. Classifieds
    Hey I bought a new Death row calls MOD at the game fair last week and have blown it only a couple times. Green mouthpiece and black barrel. Like new. Paid 175 for it asking for 150 shipped to your door. PM me if interested. Thanks.
  2. Mud Motor Talk
    Finaly got to water test latest MB mod. 23hp to 29hp Hyperdrive on 14x48 Lowe. Tall transome model Engine swap went well. Put a 34 tooth gear on motor and 50 onshaft. Worked out good for speed and load carrying. 27mph with 12.5x11 prop @4100rpm and 500# load. Having abit of a problem keeping...
  3. Mud Motor Talk
    We have modified my MudBuddy Hyper again, from a short 32" drive shaft to a 42" drive shaft. A buddy gave me a 42" drive shaft housing with locked up bearings and shaft off a tall transome Hyper 23 hp. We built a new shaft and replaced seals and bearings and installed it on my Short transome...
  4. The Lodge
    width 80" length 16'mod v bottom motor well and cosole with decoy shelves.The price for the boat is 10,250+tax with the Galvanized trailer. The trailer can be a 2000 lb trailer or 2500 lb your choice. That would also be with spare tire. Boat includes camo duck blind, bilge pump and console with...
  5. Surrounding States
    If anyone knows someone from SD ask them to sign up for the site. We need someone from SD to moderate our SD forum.
1-5 of 5 Results