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  1. The Lodge
    just went through your album.not a single dead animal. pictures of someone doing constructive things for tomarrow.way too go.bad dog
  2. Northern Zone
    So i got thursday and friday off of school. Thinkin about takin a couple sick days also how do u guys think its gunna shape up.
  3. The Lodge
    Thought I would get over not posting when the lucky man won the Tangle free give away. I miss not seeing what folks have to say so I miss you. Drakeslayer23 hope school is not boring, and everyone else have a safe north opener and good luck. Dean
  4. The Lodge
    Does anyone on here hunt pool 19? Around Ft. Madison? I will be down there deer hunting again this year and wondering what the competition is like for duck hunting? Not looking for spots, but just curious about whether it is a zoo or if they even stop in that area. Thanks for the time!
  5. Big Game Forum
    or as i call it deer fever... being that i shoot either does or HUGE bucks !!! This is a pic of my shooting tonite.. not bad i thought for 30 yrds and only one pin.. i shot one of my vanes off after this so i quite !!!
  6. Fishing Forum
    Got tomorrow through sunday off and am debating which one to fish. Any thoughts???? I can catch the same fish out of the rivers. Anyone free and want to go???
  7. Outdoor Photography
    Here are a few pics from the last two days. Yesterday we hit the cedar above the dam in waverly. River was still up a bit and murky. Not much action but we managed a nice cat and a smallie but both were released. Hit the Miss. river today in the rain from 7am till 12pm and we couldn't take...
  8. Fishing Forum
    Overall it was a good day to be fishing on the miss. river. It had come up 2 feet since tuesday and got a little bit dirty but still was very fishable. We ended up taking home 5 saugers and 2 eyes. Both eyes were 18 to 19 inches. Here are a few pics from the day. One of the 100 to 300...
  9. Fishing Forum
    Dad and a buddy hit the miss. river today and put in around blackhawk park. They caught a good number of fish but only kept 7. Most were saugers 10 to 14 inches. We are going to try it again next Saturday and see how we do.
  10. Fishing Forum
    Put in at Blackhawk Park on Sunday morning. Was great right away in the morning from 6am till about 11am then the morons came out. Big cruse boats come 15 feet from you at half throttle while you are drifting the main channel for eyes. Felt like we were fishing lake michigan. We ended up...
  11. Fishing Forum
    Fishing tournament The Cedar Valley Walleye Club will hold a multi-species fundraising tournament Sept. 13 from 7 a.m.-3 p.m. on the Mississippi River at Harpers Ferry. Cost is $25 per angler with those under the age of 16 free. Headquarters will be the public boat ramp in Harpers Ferry. Cash...
  12. Fishing Forum
    Heading up there in about 5 min. Hoping we have a good day. Will report back.
  13. Fishing Forum
    The river was up a bit and it was muddy but the fish did cooperate with us. Caught a BIG selection of fish with my old mans 7lb dog fish being the biggest. We got large and small mouth, walleye, gills, and all sorts of rough fish but when you are running worm rigs for eyes you get about...
1-13 of 14 Results