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  1. The Lodge
    Hey I have taken a few of you on here huntin before and now i would like to call in the favor if possible. I just got cancalled from work, we are overstaffed, and I havnt been able to scout all week due to work. I live in Council Bluffs and I have ALL the FB duck and goose decoys you could...
  2. The Lodge
    Well after grassing layout blinds every morning when we hunt one of our pits we decided to put together a duck blind that we could leave out for the remainder of the season. Doing it on a college kid budget was the first priority! So I had some scrap lumber that was free as well as some camo...
  3. The Lodge
    What does everyone have to do yet to get ready for Saturday morning???
  4. The Lodge
    Just throwing around an idea of maybe a last minute get together on maybe Sept. 11th for a afternoon of shooting the breeze and maybe some trap shooting if the spot we get together would have a spot for it. What does everyone think???
  5. The Lodge
    Guys im working on Huntn' The ILLIANA Skies 2 promo. This will be at the beginning of the new dvd.. I have changed it to more killn' and less BS'n... ill have it posted later on today as it is 1:00 am here and im off to bed before i mess something up,, :x :lol: ill post it as soon as i get...
  6. The Grill
    butterfly a whole duck breast or split a goose breast in half and butterfly the halves. pound em out with a tenderizer. place in a zip-lok bag with "dales seasoning". rotating and flipping that bag twice a day, morning and night. WARNING....a little bit of "dales" goes a long way. too much...
1-6 of 6 Results