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  1. Waterfowl Q & A
    after duck season closed with all the nice weather,we started hunting geese.out of the geese that we killed most were big uns,10lbs or bigger.we recovered 3 leg irons.each taken on seprate hunts.all three birds were banded with in eye sight of where they were questions are,1]is this...
  2. Missouri River Zone
    Looks like we will have below freezing temps and 20 to 30 mph winds sat and sunday.. anyone think that might be a pushday
  3. The Lodge
    So does any body know what is going on with this migration, I've only noticed a small right now are they just missing us or they still coming? heading to the miss. friday hoping to have some luck.
  4. Bird Movement
    Well, who ever sits south of us in the am will have a chit pot full of new birds to yank at. Lots of birds came down river today around 3 pm until I couldnt see anymore but still could hear them. Specks, snows, honkers and ducks. Sunday should be a fresh start on some new birds. I seen a bunch...
  5. The Lodge
    Went to DNR website and they havent updated the migration survey yet. Will they be doing it this week?
  6. Northern Zone
    We still managed to put some ducks in the boat. Me and EntropyFX as well as a soon to be new member. Lost 2 Mallards, both hens, took home 3 Drakes, a Juvy and a Drake GW teal.
  7. The Lodge Anyone use this or think it's a good tool? Scroll down the page a little.
  8. Decoy Forum
    Anybody use these? Just seen them in magazines haven't seen one in person just wondering how they look and hold up. Also are they just drakes. Never used foam decoys or had flocked ducks any comments appreciated. Thanks
  9. The Lodge
    There should be at least a little push today and tommorow, mostly probably of teal and a few bigger ducks because the Jet stream is running straight south for the next day or so combined with these colder temps and the low pressure system moving east. They should be rolling straight out of...
  10. The Lodge
    I always get a kick out of reading the reports, especially when some reports that the migration is over in Iowa and its not even November yet. But today I got my biggest laugh. Someone by the name of J. Kilbane reported that he and two other hunters limited out on ducks by 8:05am on October...
  11. Bird Movement
    We are having some issues with the DNR site so I thought I would try and upload the pdf here.
  12. Bird Movement
    There is an issue with the DNR server that is preventing access at this time. I am unable to post the migration report there. I will try and post it to the forums but it is in a PDF which the forums don’t support. I’m working on getting it converted at this time.[/img]
  13. The Lodge
    The Flood gates opened this afternoon about 2pm and has been Non stop flights. Even right now the birds are still rolling like a sob. I watched thousands suck down onto Browns Lake just before dark and I watched thousand suck down onto the refuge. I mean NON STOP SOLID WITHOUT A BREAK BETWEEN...
  14. The Lodge
    Almost everyday I walk down to the river during lunch to see waht is flying up and down the Mississippi. This week we have a lot of geese on the Arsenal Island! Several species were represented yesterday; saw giants, standard (regular ol' geese), cacklers, and even one lost snow goose. Ducks on...
  15. The Lodge
    Any of you guys ever seen this, I thought it was pretty cool. This guy will talk on this website over the radio to people all over the united states and canada in a one hour broadcast giving all kinds of information about the migration. The website is, i dont...
  16. Snow Goose Reports & Information
    Here are some of the links that I have relied heavily on over the past couple of years following the spring migration. Maybe we could make this a sticky with this. Also if anyone has any other ones to add let me know and I will put it under these. Snow Depth
  17. Southern Zone
    I saw alot of snows flying high and heading south today. Probably a few thousand from shooting light until about 10:00. No flippin' ducks though. Are these snows moving a sign of a push coming through this week?
1-17 of 31 Results