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  1. The Lodge
    MEMORIAL DAY TRIBUTE (from our Pastor at our church) My father fought in the Third Army under the leadership of Gen. George Patton during WWII. He never talked about his experiences. I know he left many of his "brothers" behind. This weekend I honor them. I thank God for the courage He has...
  2. The Lodge
    On Saturday Chuck and I attended a memorial for Putz who passed away in March Every year he held a soup shoot and we had alot of fun. So his son's for a memorial held another one at his villa and here is how it went AND THIS WAS THE SIGN THAT ALWAYS HUNG ON HIS DOOR May...
  3. Fishing Forum
    My son Nolan his friend Mark and I took the canoe and went to a little trout lake near us and this is how we did They sure did taste good
  4. The Lodge
    Attached is a flyer with some information on the 7th annual Corey Baker Memorial Fishing Tournament Fundraiser, to be held August 2nd. Over the past six years, this event has raised and donated several thousand dollars to various organizations. The Corey Baker Memorial raises funds to support...
1-4 of 6 Results