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  1. Field Hunting
    Anybody heard of them? They look really good and in my opinion would give GHG a solid run for their money. How does paint hold up on them? 109-119 $ a six pack ill pay that any day! Here is a link about them;
  2. Gun Dog Forum
    For those in the market for a lab pup, I thought I would post a few links for some important health information pertaining to labs. These are tests that should be done on labs before they are bred. CNM (Centronuclear Myopathy) CNM Website EIC (Exercise Induced Collapse) Exercise Induced...
  3. Classifieds
    I am looking for a few diffrent chokes that will fit my SBE II. Briley (Mainly Buck Gardner series) Wad Wizzard Or anything else you may have except I am not intrested in Patternmasters
  4. The Lodge
    NEW STOCK MARKET TERMS CEO --Chief Embezzlement Officer. CFO-- Corporate Fraud Officer. BULL MARKET -- A random market movement causing an investor to mistake himself for a financial genius. BEAR MARKET -- A 6 to 18 month period when the kids get no allowance, the wife gets no jewelry, and...
1-4 of 4 Results