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  1. Waterfowl Q & A
    Any one ever hunted ND or S. Manitoba on their own?? What was it like to find birds, get permission................any info would be greatly appreciated. like to take my 2 boys but the fees are pretty steep. I know they have a short season and w/equipmeent, scouting.........there probably worth...
  2. The Lodge
    Got back last night from the annual trip to The Pas Manitoba. My 7th time going to the area. The weather was less than ducky the first few days with temps in the 80s but we shot our birds every day. Despite no migration the birds were thick up there. They had ALOT of rain this year and the lake...
  3. The Lodge
    Well tonight is our last day in Manitoba. Sorry I havent posted sooner but the internet is slow as hell here.. We are 7 hours or so nw of winnipeg in The Pas. There are more ross and snow geese here this year than I have ever seen. They have hardly any crops out yet so I doubt they will leave...
  4. The Lodge
    Probaly around 5pm. About an 18 hour drive...We go to The Pas..Wont be online for 2 weeks. Come back the weekend of the 18th... Hopefully in time to stack them up here again. Everyone have good hunting while Im gone.. Oh wait, NO waterfowl season open in Iowa then :twisted:
  5. The Lodge
    exactly two weeks from tomorrow i will be on a plane back to iowa to leave for manitoba on the 10th...i am dying a little inside hearing the opening weekend reports, so i am feeling extremely impatient right now! i just wanted to get anyones opinion on what the migration will be doing by...
1-5 of 5 Results