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  1. The Lodge
    kinda got a "man cave" going together in the basement. need to start getting some walls up but at least i have a place to go to clean guns, watch hunting shows and kinda get away till i get my shop built. what do you guys have?
  2. Waterfowl Boats, Motors, & Boat Blinds
    Does anyone know of a company or anyone that makes a fairly light weight portable blind that two guys can shoot out of the top? I've looked at a couple different brands of hay bale style blinds but I don't like the spring steel to fold them back up. Thanks for any info.
  3. IAW Bar & Grill
    Stay thirsty my friend!
  4. The Lodge
    had a great hunt today. 5 man limit of 25 mallards in the bright sun and snow and boy them drakes just shinned! Also got 7 geese but I dont know where we had that 7 goose at for the pic.
  5. Fishing Forum
    Eskimo 7 man ice shelter, anyone have one? Easy setup, take down, pain in the ass? Need a new shanty this year.. retails around 400 bucks.
  6. Hunting Gear
    Was at the local bass pro shops and saw they had a Hard Core Man Cave for sale for $119. i got on the web and saw the normally run about 250. is it worth buying or is there something wrong with it and they just want to get rid of em?
  7. Classifieds
    Posting for a family member: This is a very nice shack (new last winter). It comes with a cover that is still new in the package and also a runner kit that in new in the package. This shack made it on the ice one time last year. Asking $250. Please PM me with questions.
  8. The Grill
    I watch this show all the time. I was wondering if anyone knows of any good challenges in the Iowa area?
  9. The Lodge
    I think there is something wrong with this guy being so confident! Man Stops Moose - Bing Videos
  10. The Lodge
    wondered if anyone else got hassled this year bout carry 2 guys limits together on a game carrier while walking out when done hunting. had it happen twice to us on opener but that was it. the 2 guys that had them together knew which ones were the ones they shot and the dnr hassled them still...
  11. The Lodge
    found this on another site. talk about a hell of a man cave......
  12. Waterfowl Calls & Calling Forum
    Click on the link and walk away from it for awhile come back and listen at 13:45. I'm gonna master this sound and blow it all the time, be like a Jedi Mind trick to the geese.
  13. Surrounding States
    Wautoma WI man may have landed a record-breaking buck Brian Inda (right) of Wautoma WI and Craig Carpenter of Wild Rose pose with the 12-point buck that Inda killed bowhunting last Tuesday in Wild Rose. The buck is a potential state record; its shed antlers from last year are shown on the...
  14. The Lodge
    Man Charged With Shooting Pair Of Swans POSTED: 11:37 am CST November 9, 2010 UPDATED: 12:11 pm CST November 9, 2010 MASON CITY, Iowa -- The Iowa Department of Natural Resources officials said Tuesday that a Mason City man has been charged with shooting a pair of trumpeter swans. Johnny...
  15. Big Game Forum
    A 50-year old Kelso man has died in what authorities call a freak bow & arrow hunting accident, according to a report in the Longview Daily News. The report says 50-year-old Benny White of Kelso was fatally injured Friday while hunting near Toutle, Washington with a friend who was behind him at...
  16. Surrounding States
    Wausau police say arrested drunken man chased goose into Wisconsin River October 8, 2010 Wausau man was rescued from the Wisconsin River on Thursday after he plunged into its frigid water while drunk and chasing a hobbled goose, police said. Troy Kaczor, 40, told police he shed his shirt and...
  17. The Lodge
    Mallard Attack ( camara man gets owned )
  18. Fishing Forum
    ST. LOUIS, MO - After spending 45 minutes fighting to land what seemed to be a massive blue catfish, Greg Bernal looked to his girlfriend and exclaimed, "This could be a new state record." Bernal could not fathom that his catch would actually dwarf the Missouri state record and challenge for the...
  19. The Lodge
    Chris Wright "Owner" and myself at Waterfowlers Bootcamp in Marengo Ohio.
  20. The Lodge
    I posted this over on iowa sportsman but got all the plans finalized on dove hunt out in Kansas with a bud and today just made finale preperations on first Canada trip in Oct. early duck season in between. I have almost all of late Oct and Nov off from work and LOTS of hunting planned. Man once...
1-20 of 46 Results