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  1. The Lodge
    alright here we go. i sold a call to this guy in canada. he sent me the check and i had to jump through a bunch of hoops (open up another checking account) just to cash the damn thing. so i sent out the call (insured it for $140) and he said when he got it they billed him $26 for insurance. now...
  2. Decoy Forum
    I like them alot, they are kind of small seems like half the size of a regular fb decoy. They fit great in the bag that they come in. I hope my gun gets sold soon so I can get some more while rogers has them on sale. I might even get the standard size ones if they gun sells :? thats a big if.
  3. Waterfowl Calls & Calling Forum
    :D [/url]
  4. Waterfowl Calls & Calling Forum
    My E1 from Tim Schultz!! I have never been a short reed owner, tried a few. Any way this is the easiest call I have ever used I picked it up and started making it work fairly quickly, I will definatly be buying an E2 in the near future.
1-4 of 4 Results