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  1. Southern Zone
    any updates or advice on divers or puddlers around the miss in this area? any help with long lines should we go after divers or puddlers around this area of the miss?
  2. The Lodge
    I will be there next weekend with a booth.. It looks like Adam is coming up to help us with the booth.. come by and say hi and check out the new calls... we will be in booth #0927 Tim Schultz
  3. The Lodge
    Well spent all of Friday and Saturday moving from Des Moines to Winterset. Friday started off terrible as none of the 26ft moving trucks would start, so we had to get a 14ft truck. All the 26ft were diesels. Only having 14ft truck made for 2 trips and with just my dad helping as all my other...
1-3 of 3 Results