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  1. The Lodge
    I just got this from my mom and thought I would share. This was written and is going to be continued by a friend of my Uncle Jerry's. Jerry was my dads oldest brother and the reason why my family has a lot of its hunting and fishing heritage...sadly he passed my senior year of high school in a...
  2. The Lodge
    Man the birds are moving through and STACKING up out here in Nebraska. We shot A LOT of geese this past weekend. Mainly geese but shot a few ducks as well. We were targeting geese mostly. We cycled A LOT of guys out of our pt on Sunday! 60 geese in 2 days :). Pics to come prolly later today!
  3. Classifieds
    I'm looking to beef up my late season spread. Looking for the following: GHG FB ducks GHG duck shells GHG goose floaters/ or lookers GHG sleeper shells If the price is right I'm likely to buy quite a few.
  4. The Lodge
    I finally got the opportunity to chase snows this past weekend in South Western Iowa. We were about 5 miles from the Missouri River. There were 1000's of snows flying up that river every day. I have never seen so many birds at one time. Unfortunately for us it was mainly adults, and they didn't...
1-4 of 4 Results