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  1. The Lodge
    To all, My buddy lost his shotgun this morning at Snake Creek Marsh north of Rippey Iowa. We thought that it may have fallen out of the pickup when we were loading our gear. There were some other duck hunters at the marsh in a Red Chevy pickup with Delta Tau Delta sticker on the driver side...
  2. Gun Dog Forum
    L ost my 12 year old lab today.Ruger was my 1st lab and we had many enjoyable hunts together.gonna miss the old man but i do have a 4 year old daughter out of him. R I P RUGER
  3. The Lodge
    Has anybody ever lost there Federal Waterfowl Stamp before? I got it about two weeks ago and has grown legs and walked away. I blamed my girlfriend and her OCD and she blamed me and my irresponsiblity. Either way its gone. I checked their website and couldn't find any info on lost stamps...
  4. The Lodge
    Well guys I lost my phone this weekend chasing turkeys, its in a alfapha field somewhere, anyhow I had several of your numbers and will need them again, pm me with them if you would. Ryan
  5. Northern Zone
    For the guys that hunt this area what have you guys heard of the possible work to be done to these areas? I know that there was a meeting about it on the 10th at the lost island nature center but wasnt able to make it since i work days and nights during the week. Anyone go to it and what did...
  6. The Lodge
    Lost Wallet at Big Wall Lake...Sunday, November 22. I lost my wallet at Big Wall Lake. I am guessing it fell out of my pants when changing out of my waders. It probably fell on the ground near the boat ramp/rigging lane. I didn't have it in the boat with me so I know it's not in the lake. If...
  7. Gun Dog Forum
    Chuck Wrote this "Long story but Vick somehow let three dogs out together..that can't be let out together and they took off. Two came home and one was gone for 10 hours. We didn't even know she was with them for 7-8 hours later. Vick called me at my moms and said Mora was gone and that she must...
  8. The Lodge
    I really don't know what to say other than this man was a hero to many. This article proves it.
  9. The Lodge
    ok so here are me and my uncle hunting turkeys tonight as he lets me use his brand new benneli 12 ga.. it looks nice with the camo and all but wow.. IT is a B****H to unload.. i have never seen one unload like this where you push up on the shells in the magazine.. he says it works good when it...
  10. The Lodge
    I lost a Heavy Hauler lanyard, blue Buck Brush and a Diamond wood spit-fire somewhere around the boat ramps. If anybody has any info, ill do whatever to get it back. Thanks
  11. The Lodge
    The Lost Art Of Layout Hunting Gunning from a layout boat is considered by many to be the ultimate rush in duck hunting. By Shawn Horn The weather forecast for that day made two things pretty clear: A cold front was pushing in from the north, and temperatures were expected to fall into the...
  12. The Lodge
    Three guys are coming back from a hunting trip, when thier truck breaks down. The 1st guy says I think I saw a farm house back down the road about a mile. So they start walking and by the time they get thier it's getting dark. They ask the lady that lives in the house if they can use her phone...
1-12 of 13 Results