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  1. The Lodge
  2. Conservation Forum
    Folks I wish to add, Do you remember when Isolated wetlands lost protection? We started on the slide then and with this recent in inaction of state governors of the 5 US PPR states, Native Prairie IN OUR PRIME DUCK FACTORY will be forever lost. The consequences of this along with other issues...
  3. Conservation Forum
    Current CRP Acres Across the Prairie Pothole Region IA. 362,401 MN. 1,490,012 MT. 2,352,474 ND. 2,788,089 SD. 1,081,123 Minimum Percentage Loss of CRP Acres Across the Prairie Pothole Region 2007 IA. O.6% MN. 2.6% MT. 3.0% ND. 7.7% SD. 15.8% <---Half in a single year and if you notice ND...
1-3 of 3 Results