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  1. Sports Talk
    Well, they did it again. How many trick plays will it take before Iowa finally makes a defensive stop on one? I wonder if perhaps they paid Ferentz $200k for every game that he wins and a $1000000 bonus for a BCS bowl win if he would actually compete for his salary. They should have won that...
  2. The Lodge
  3. The Lodge
    U.S. loses its sterling credit rating from S&P The credit rating agency on Friday lowered the nation's AAA rating for the first time since granting it in 1917. The move came less than a week after a gridlocked Congress finally agreed to spending cuts that would reduce the debt by more than $2...
  4. The Lodge
    and this is what it looks like.....but in a goose field.
  5. Big Game Forum
    I ran over a little 6 point buck this morning with my Chevy pickup. Only thing that was damaged was the buck and the top of my head when I bounced off the roof of my truck. I barely saw the buck run under the front of my truck, but sure felt him when I ran over him with the left front and rear...
  6. Big Game Forum
    Deer loses head-butt with Wisconsin lawn ornament (see the dead deer in the background) This 640-pound concrete elk statue lies on its side in the backyard of Mark and Carol Brye s home in rural Viroqua. The dead buck lies about 20 feet away. (Courtesy Brye family via the LaCrosse Tribune) A...
  7. The Lodge
    LeMars Man Receives Jail Time, Loses Trapping Privileges until 2024 LEMARS - James Urban, 46, from LeMars, was found guilty of unlawful possession of furbearing animals by a jury and sentenced to 365 days in jail, with all but 120 days suspended. Urban was fined $1,039 which includes surcharges...
1-7 of 7 Results