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  1. The Lodge
    This is the video of the deer I was fortunate enough to find locked up this week. We went back out today to check it out, and we found one dead and the other had untangled itself and was gone. Suprisingly, the agressive one in the video appears to be the one we found dead.
  2. The Lodge
    This was forwarded in an email to me today... Meigs Co. ODNR Officer This is the result of three bucks all fighting for one lady. They had the bank of this creek all tore up. All together I estimated the deer to score well over 400 inches of antler. The biggest one was a massive 6x5, approx...
  3. The Lodge
    I didn't even find them. Send the wife out today to look for fields along the river and she found four. The one farmer said he has been seeing geese so hopefully it will pan out. I just thought it was neat she actually went out looking for the fields!
  4. Classifieds
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1-4 of 7 Results