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  1. Waterfowl Calls & Calling Forum
    I got a new lawmaker (1st LMC) late last week and guess I didn't notice that they only have 1 "lanyard cut" on the call. Has anyone had an insert come out of this call?? If I put a loop on the insert it is in the way of my hands as the narrowest part is out towards end of barrel. P.S. I...
  2. Waterfowl Calls & Calling Forum
    I got on the LMC website to get a new reed for my Slipknot and noticed they sell the different guts as well. I was thinking since it is $7 shipping reguardless and just a couple more bucks I would try a new set. Problem is I am not sure what the differences are between them. In the descriptions...
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    Acrylic Clear barrel with a pearl white insert. Call was used one season. Send me a message if interested $75 obo
  4. Classifieds
    Zink SR-1 cocabola - $60 shipped Tim Grounds Super Mag acrylic - ivory - $90 shipped Lynch Mob Executioner salt n pepper - $50 shipped Lynch Mob Slipknot Hybrid black/white pearl - $100 shipped PM or email me at [email protected] with questions
  5. Classifieds
    Lynch Mob Stranglehold single reed in smoke - $60 shipped Hobo ICU2 black/purple - SOLD Lares T-1 black/green - $115 shipped PM or email me at [email protected] with questions
  6. Waterfowl Calls & Calling Forum
    LMC Inc. is excited to announce the recent acquisition of JBC Outdoors, LLC. Based out of Ohio, JBC Outdoors is a high end duck and goose call company owned and operated by championship callers. They take pride in the quality of their work and assure all end users are successful on the contest...
  7. Waterfowl Calls & Calling Forum
  8. Classifieds
    Smoke/Black. The call has some lanyard wear but is still in good condition. Just not for me. Also have box and bag. $80 pick up or buyer pays shipping. Located in Indianola
  9. Waterfowl Calls & Calling Forum
    I'm looking for some help from those who have or have had LMC calls. If you don't have it anymore why? I have decided on getting one and want your opinions on them. In particular the Reaper, Slipknot, Lawmaker, and Goose Noose Hybrid.
  10. Classifieds
    goose noose in green, has the newest blue guts in it. $90 to your door. or i will be in burlington this weekend
  11. Waterfowl Calls & Calling Forum
    I figure some of you guys have this call on here, just wondering what the HYBRID INSERT has gained you guys over other LMC calls? Is it a longer barrell then? Creating a deeper honker tone?
  12. Classifieds
    Trying to clean out the call case and hunting closest. All items for sale include shipping. Pmt method prefered is money order but can take other means if neccessary. Brand New Calef Calls Shocker Single Reed Duck Call: Black Cherry/Pearl - Coming Soon on his website New $125...
  13. The Lodge
    You will see in the DVD this fall as the season progressed so did our knowledge on the dog cam. The first part in snow was out in New York, which was our early stages, you will see that with some higher tech military quality dog camera's we really got onto where we wanted to be. The footage from...
1-13 of 13 Results