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  1. The Lodge
    This guy is a F'n nuts! No way in hell your gunna get me into that cave!
  2. The Lodge
    Man who shot mountain lion unapologetic January 16, 2010 Goebel's first shot missed. The lion didn't move. The second shot was true, and the animal eventually fell. Cedar Rapids, Ia. - Ray Goebel stubs out his cigarette and hands over a fistful of photographs of the dead mountain lion draped...
  3. The Lodge
    Mountain Lion Shot Near Marengo DES MOINES - A mountain lion was shot near Marengo, Monday afternoon, by a deer hunter participating in Iowa’s second shotgun season. Raymond Goebel, Jr., of Cedar Rapids, was hunting with a group, 4 miles southwest of Marengo. The group had decided to...
  4. The Lodge
    Just got a phone call and picture from a friend of mine from NW IA. They have captured what appears to be a mountain lion on a trail camera. First off I am skeptible of this but it is a hard look on a camera phone that was zoomed in but apparently the original trail cam picture is much more...
  5. The Lodge
    I would have crapped in my pants and pissed myself :lol: :lol: :lol: Watch "Lion Hunting"
1-5 of 6 Results