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  1. The Lodge
    Don't forget to renew your huntin/fishing licenses. Unless your like Fred and have a life time elderly license. LOL
  2. Big Game Forum
    November Antlerless Season Deer Licenses on Sale Nov. 15 DES MOINES â€" November antlerless season licenses go on sale Nov. 15, in the counties that have antlerless licenses remaining. The hunting regulations incorrectly listed the on sale date as Nov. 10. The antlerless deer only season runs...
  3. Conservation Forum
    DES MOINES — Waterfowl hunters along the Mississippi River need separate state licenses and waterfowl stamps depending on what side of the river they are hunting on. An article in a recently released issue of Petersen’s Hunting Magazine indicated that Iowa shares a reciprocal hunting...
1-3 of 3 Results