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  1. The Lodge
    Some states seperate out their small game license from their waterfowl licenses. In Iowa it is just like buying an habitat stamp just a few extra dollars. Do you think the state could generate more revenue from non-resident hunters buy seperating out the small game license from the waterfowl...
  2. Gun Dog Forum
    If you get a chance and would like to see some good dog work or would like to throw some ducks :D you can come out to Chichaqua near Elkhart this Friday thru Sunday (May 13-15).
  3. Waterfowl Boats, Motors, & Boat Blinds
    Does anyone know if you have to buy all new hunting license to keep hunting geese in the southern parts of iowa? I know they expire on the 10th just wasnt sure if you have to buy a new one for the last few days?
  4. The Lodge
    New Hunting, Fishing License System Debuts August 15 Posted: August 10, 2010 A technological giant step in hunting and fishing licenses sales happened in mid-year 2000 when electronic license sales machines replaced the carbon paper pads, forever changing the way licenses were purchased. On...
  5. The Lodge
    Anyone know if WI or IA offer a lifetime hunting license?
  6. Surrounding States
    ******* Fest gets beer license (you going AJB??) JANESVILLE WI â€" The organizer of ******* Fest on Tuesday received a one-day beer license for the July 3 event and also praise from Janesville police and a council member. Deputy Chief Dan Davis told...
  7. The Lodge
    Just picked up my new hunting/fishing licenses and seen that they went up again. I am not opposed to this but do you really think the money will go to where it is needed most and that is more habitat? Espically since that is the one jumped the most.
  8. The Lodge
    Are the DU license plates available yet?
  9. The Lodge
    What does it cost to go down to Mo and hunt ducks?
  10. The Lodge
    Hey does anyone on here besides me run the new DU license plates????
  11. The Lodge
    With what seems to be a boom happening in the world of waterfowl i was curious what happens to revenue from the sale of state Waterfowl licenses? Does this money stay in waterfowl habitat/research or does it just get divided up and sent every which way?
  12. The Lodge
    Does anyone know what ever came about from this???? I know I sent my check over a year ago and have yet to hear anything about it.
  13. Conservation Forum
    I recieved a forward of an email that my du commitee chairman got it basicly says that they need 60 more aplicants to make the du plates for Iowa a continuing opertunity for the future. It reads as follows: All, I just received an update today from the Ducks Unlimited License Plates from...
  14. The Lodge
    We still havent' reached the quota. Not quite sure why yet. I would think if you were a waterfowl hunter you would want one of these plates especially when all the money goes to help waterfowl in Iowa. Here is the link order yours today!!!!!!!! Might need to google the link below if it...
  15. Conservation Forum
    Ducks Unlimited and the IOWA DNR partner for conservation license plate 500 applicants needed to initiate Iowa DU license plate program AMES, Iowa, April 18, 2008 â€" Iowa Ducks Unlimited needs 500 applicants to initiate a license plate program dedicated to the ducks and other wildlife in...
1-15 of 15 Results