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  1. The Lodge
    Going to start a little earlier this year looking for 5 folks to join on this lease. it has 7 spring fed marshes. 1100 acres 12 months we can fish it hunt it trap it there are both white tails and mulies running around not huge numbers most of the 1100 acres is pasture i have pics and ariel...
  2. Classifieds
    Hey guys- looking for a duck lease in NW MO or North Central, looking to flood corn, pits, ect. Looking to build or buy an existing lease. Contact me if you have any info. Thanks Ross
  3. The Lodge
    Finally got some birds at lease. Its been pretty slow with the biggest take of the year being 14 ducks, which I wasnt there due to work, but we got 6 geese today over noon hr. I had to leave at 1 to work for the weekend so I will see how the day went but it took an inch of snow after an inch of...
  4. Classifieds
    I have a good shot at getting a lease of 800 acres of land 7 sloughs and marshes. My friends have taken me there I have hunted it. Its amazing . SO I am looking for at least four more guys too help share the lease 6 guys 550.00 each gives us 12 months. All hunting rights to property. There are...
  5. Big Game Forum
    Deer Stand Lease For Sale in MISSISSIPPI From a man in Glen , MS (Glen is a little outside of Corinth , MS ) I took a lease on a piece of land where there are plenty of deer roaming around. I put up a stand in a nice place where several game trails cross…………BUT, due to some...
1-5 of 5 Results