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  1. The Lodge
    A DES MOINES REGISTER ARTICLE OF INTEREST TO ALL IOWA HUNTERS|topnews|text|Frontpage Here's an excerpt: "... If you think Iowa's mourning dove hunt last...
  2. Conservation Forum
    Just saw this article in the waterloo courier Lawmakers: Hunters can fill doves with lead
  3. The Lodge
    DES MOINES - Hunters will be allowed to use lead shot to hunt mourning doves in Iowa when a new season opens Sept. 1. Members of the Legislature's Administrative Rules Review Committee voted 9-1 Tuesday to delay implementation of a rule that would have required nontoxic shot to be used when...
  4. The Lodge
    Sorry if this has been posted already. Just saw this and thought it was pretty interesting Lawmakers block Iowa DNR attempt to ban lead shot for dove-hunting | Des Moines Register Staff Blogs
  5. The Lodge
    Looks like were gonna be shootin steel at doves this year the nrc has banned lead for doves. just got a email from nra stating this.
  6. The Lodge
    Not sure of the other 2 areas but I heard Lake Odessa was one areas selected. I assume this would include lead decoys weights and fishing jigs. Ban on Lead Shot Proposed By Natural Resources Commission Iowa’s Natural Resources Commission recently announced its intent to ban hunters’ use...
  7. Conservation Forum
    Youth to Lead Iowans Outdoors The success of the summit depends on conservation leaders like you to: 1) Spread word about the Summit through your networks 2) Recruit teams to attend 3) Participate and share resources/support you can offer a. helping teams financially b...
  8. Big Game Forum
    Cleaning deer of lead will take more care, DNR says A study, spurred by venison contamination found in the spring, shows bullets from some rifles can disperse farther into the animal, requiring new guidelines. Some lead bullets fired from high-powered rifles scatter lead fragments much...
  9. The Lodge
    BOSTON -- We all know the danger of lead, particularly when it comes to our children. But lead is also one of the leading killers among waterfowl and fish. "This is lead, but actually they're getting away from the lead because they say it's causing problems," fisherman John Simmon said. It...
  10. Surrounding States
    DNR to convene multi-state meeting June 4 on lead fragments in venison (June 3, 2008) Wildlife, public health and food safety experts from five states will meet in Minnesota next week for the purpose of helping regulators, hunters and processors better understand the implications of lead...
1-10 of 10 Results