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  1. The Lodge
    so since i've posted in a couple of different places trying to find a used boat, i am starting to get some replies back. one reply looks pretty promising. i told the guy that 4-$500ish was what i was hoping to spend and he seemed to think he could let it go for much less than that...however...
  2. The Lodge
    is shooting no longer required to obtain your ccw? i have not really been in the loop with the new laws and ive seen lots of classes being offered but no one mentions anything about shooting test being required. on my enrollment permit from my sheriff it has a a spot for written score % and...
  3. Mississippi River Zone
    hey all i've never hunted the river so i really don't know about any of the legal restrictions that i should be aware of...i just don't want to end up being somewhere that i shouldn't be and having to pay in the end for going there with no knowledge of the area...i only have my iowa license
  4. The Lodge
    Polls Show Record-Low Support for Stricter Gun Laws Friday, October 09, 2009 Results from a just-released Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey shows that, more and more, Americans are in support of the Second Amendment and its individual guarantee of law-abiding citizens to Keep...
  5. The Lodge
    June 18, 2008 Discussion Topic: On Ohio’s New Gun Laws From A new Ohio law signed into effect this week, not only gives property owners the right to shoot intruders, but it's also changing Ohio's concealed carry law. Colonel Bryan Hoover from the Muskingum County Sheriff's...
1-5 of 5 Results