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  1. The Lodge
    Here's the latest on the Dove bill: Placement of the bill on the debate calendar and its subsequent passage are far from assured. Calls are running about 50/50 on the bill into the switchboard and among Senators that have heard from their districts. Several Senators have not heard from anyone...
  2. The Lodge
    Migration/Wildlife Reports provided during the migration period. Please call the 24-hour hunter information line at 605-885-6401 for the most recent update. Waterfowl estimates for Sand Lake NWR as of 11/23/2010 Canada Geese - 400 Snow Geese - 0 Ducks - 100 Swans - 0 Things are pretty well...
  3. Mud Motor Talk
    Finaly got to water test latest MB mod. 23hp to 29hp Hyperdrive on 14x48 Lowe. Tall transome model Engine swap went well. Put a 34 tooth gear on motor and 50 onshaft. Worked out good for speed and load carrying. 27mph with 12.5x11 prop @4100rpm and 500# load. Having abit of a problem keeping...
  4. Snow Goose Reports & Information
    It's definetly promising. Hope it warms a little faster than they say. From what I've heard from sources and reports I've read. They are pushing out of Ark and coming out of Il headed up the Big Mo. Won't be long!!
  5. The Lodge
  6. The Lodge
    Cash for Clunkers" Program--the latest
  7. The Lodge
    This is my Hitch wagon I use for show with my Belgians. It needed some boards replaced and a new paint job. The 2 Belgians on the side are my horses I painted from a picture [IMG][/IMG
1-8 of 8 Results