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  1. Gun Rack
    Santa showed up today a little late, dressed like a FedEx man. Macks has them for $199, free shipping. If you sign up for the newsletter you get a $15 coupon, plus there is a $50 manufacturer rebate untill May 31, bringing the grand total to: $134
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hi, I am Joe and I am a duckaholic. My problem began when I was taken from my home at a very young age before the sun came up. When I woke up it was dark and a dog was licking my face. I was cold and could hear the sound of a motor running and when it stopped they started throwing things into...
  3. Field Hunting
    But not the camera..Saturday night..too warm and too sunny..They just kept coming and coming it was about a 30 min show haha
  4. Field Hunting
    Anybody have any late season techniques that work well for decoying late season geese? We have tried 3 dozen fullbodies mixed with shells and no sucess, even tried just 3 decoys with no luck any suggestions guys? Also tried calling an not calling along with flaging.
  5. Field Hunting
    On a day like tomorrow, when do you guys go out. At shooting hours, 9:00am, or afternoon
  6. The Lodge
    How many would be interested in supporting a satellite telemetry study effort for 2011 mid winter Mallards and 2012 spring diver migration along the great Missouri River? The object here is to raise as much money as we can for as many Transmitters as we can. The Target in midwinter would be...
  7. Vendor Deals
    New Video - Late Season Honkers I hope your Christmas was a good one! My Dad and I headed out for one last hunt just a few days before Christmas. With almost 40 inches of snow on the ground here in MN we managed nearly a 5 man limit. No kill shots, just pure tips on what made our hunt a...
  8. The Lodge Press play on the video.
  9. Southern Zone
    tons of birds left in my secret spot :wink: and we got out today and got two. the birds seemed skiddish, i think our sheets didnt cut it like you guys said. :roll: smaller groups would work and give us shot, 8-12 birds, theyd lock up then pull out at 150 yards, not sure why. but ended up...
  10. Decoy Forum
    How many sleeper decoys do you put in your late season canada spread in water and in the field??? Just curious as to what everyone uses.
  11. The Lodge
    Sorry... I've had a few requests to post this. GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN The other day I headed out to the duck blind for an afternoon hunt. No one went with me, but it didn’t take long to realize that I wasn’t alone. There weren’t many birds moving so I started thinking about...
  12. Decoy Forum
    We have been using 2 Mojo mallard drakes the last couple weeks and it seems like the ducks are almost shying away. Late season ducks probably have seen so many of them that they know what they are. Thoughts on whether it would be better off to pack it away or keep trying it?
  13. The Lodge
    my goal was to get this stuff cleaned up and out of the grove last May...... well we got to it in the long run..... Alot of random pics.... but a very productive day!!
  14. The Lodge Winnipeg Free Press Big chill in Churchill Winter grips 90 per cent of north, migratory birds can't breed By: Robert Alison 13/06/2009 1:00 AM | It is the winter that refuses to go away in northern Manitoba and most of the eastern...
  15. Southern Zone
    Here's a few that were taken at the beginning of the split. Missed 2 days because the battery in the camera died and forgot it one day. The guy that's buried in geese is our buddy from Wisconsin. And Jim won the luck of the draw for the band. That's his 4th band in 2 seasons.
  16. Bird Movement
    Just pulled up in the driveway this evening and hear the sound of geese overhead and I look up and there is about 500 snows and blues going over my house. Aren't they moving kinda late?? I always thought they were the first to migrate as soon as it got cold??
  17. Southern Zone
    Here's some pics from a month ago. Definetly a great day for the crew!!
  18. The Lodge
    Does anyone switch lubricants from early to late season to accomidate for the colder temps later in the season... If so what do you use and at what temps do you start using another lube and what kind do you prefer??? I just picked up a three pack of Barricade, Bore scrubber and something...
1-19 of 22 Results